Cell Cultivation and Fermentation

  • LeProlif Sphere Microcarriers

    LeProlif Sphere Microcarriers

    Vero cells are a type of adherent cells widely used as a platform for producing virus vaccines. In a benchtop bioreactor, Vero cells typically grow on the surface of spherical microcarriers.


    LeProlif Sphere spherical microcarriers are used to cultivate adherent cells at high yields. They provide a suitable surface for the growth of animal cells and can be used in a suspension cultivation system. They can also increase cell yields in single-layer cell culture vessels (such as culture plates, dishes, and bottles) and perfusion chambers.

  • LeCouple®KY Sterile Sampling Systems

    LeCouple®KY Sterile Sampling Systems

  • LeKrius Single-use Bioreactor Bag

    LeKrius Single-use Bioreactor Bag

    With the development of the bio-pharmaceutical industry, more and more customers choose single-use bioreactors for shortening the product preparation cycle, avoiding cross-contamination, cleaning validation, etc. The stability and consistency of single-use bioreactor bags are essential to ensure the safety of the culture process. Additionally, new challenges arise with the increasing use of single-use bioreactor bags in scale-up and commercial production of biopharmaceuticals. LePure Biotech aims to improve stability and consistency of product quality as well as supply assurance with a new polyethylene film-based bioreactor bag. The new bioreactor bag is produced in a local Grade C + A manufacturing plant, aiming to provide high-quality, single-use bioreactor bags that can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.

  • LePhinix Single-use Bioreactor

    LePhinix Single-use Bioreactor

    With the development of biopharmaceutical industry, bioreactors are increasingly used in upstream biopharmaceutical process, including antibodies, vaccines, cells, and gene therapy. LePhinix bioreactors is an advanced single-use bioprocess platform providing upstream process solutions to support process development and scale-up. Its hardware, software, and consumables offer superior performance to meet R & D, pilot-scale, clinical application, and commercial production requirements. LePhinix system can be operated flexibly and controlled precisely. The system is customizable according to the actual process requirements of customers.

  • LeThenea Single-use Freezing Bags

    LeThenea Single-use Freezing Bags

    LeThenea single-use freezing bags have been developed to assist many biopharmaceutical customers in a wide variety of applications. General use of the single-use freezing bags include the freezing/thawing of cell therapy (example: CAR-T, NK, and other various cells), freezing storage for stem cells (example: umbilical cord blood stem cell, adipose-derived stem cells, and bone marrow stem cells). LePure Biotech has developed a brand-new ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)-based tubular film which is 30% lighter comparing to PVC tubular film. LePure's EVA-based film can achieve a higher yield compared to traditional PVC based products due to its excellent mechanical robustness, minimizing the risks of bag leakage and fluid contamination. LeThenea single-use freezing bag is produced in a Grade C & Grade A clean room manufacturing site located in China. Standard specifications and customizable designs are available with high quality assurance and dedicated technical support.