Fluid Management

  • Automatic Aseptic Sealer

    Automatic Aseptic Sealer

    The second generation automatic aseptic sealer is used for aseptic disconnection of thermoplastic tubing in sealing process, including sealing of storage bags, sealing of medium bags, and various sealing processes of single use bioreaction bags, etc.

    [Wide application] Aseptic TPE tubing disconnection of feeding bags, sampling bags, and aseptic disconnection of single use storage bags and mixing bags.

    [Fast] About 2-3.6 min for sealing of a 1/4″-1″, tube  and about 6 min for sealing of a 11/8″ tube.

    [Wide range] Aseptic sealing of tubes with an outer diameter from 1/4″ to 1-3/8″, complete cover of common tubings.

    [More intelligent] Three-level operation authorization to keep complete, authentic, reliable and traceable data.

    [More convenient] Plug and play, full automation, simple interface, and one-button operation.

    [Safe] The second generation sealer has more contact area and high heat-sealing stability, and has passed inspection and pressure test.

  • Le-Flex TPE Tubing

    Le-Flex TPE Tubing

    Le-Flex® TPE Tubing, independently developed and produced by LePure Biotech, has good biosafety and excellent physical and chemical properties. It fully meets the heat sealing and welding demands for the liquid management in biopharmaceutical process, and ensures the system integrity and sterility. Manufactured in a Grade C clean plant, Le-Flex® TPE Thermoplastic Pipe has excellent and stable production supply and quality assurance.

  • Aseptic Disconnector

    Aseptic Disconnector

    LePure Biotech’s aseptic disconnector can quickly achieve aseptic disconnection and ensure system sterility at both ends of the tubing. It is used in combination with an aseptic disconnecting ring. Sterility is achieved by preventing the entrance of external microorganisms during disconnection and effectively protecting the liquid from the external environment without needing tubing sealers or tubing clamps.

  • Stainless Steel Accessories

    Stainless Steel Accessories

    LePure Biotech’s stainless steel  accessories can be widely used in fluid management following good manufacturing practices. The accessories are made of 316 L stainless steel (DIN Standard). The surface of the accessories is polished and passivated. These products meet the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for Bioprocessing Equipment.

  • LeBrider Customized Assembling

    LeBrider Customized Assembling

    LeBrider caustomized assemblings are widely used as fluid management solutions in biopharmaceutical industry. LePure Biotech provides customers with convenient solutions with customized assemblies incorporating a wide range tubing, bags, filters and connectors. Assembled in ISO Class C cleanroom, the products can be used in many biopharma process steps such as media preparation, aseptic sampling, buffer preparation and storage, drug substance storage, sterile filtration, and drug filing. Ultra clean assemblies finished in a Class A cleanroom are available for final fill or bulk applications.