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LeBrider caustomized assemblings are widely used as fluid management solutions in biopharmaceutical industry. LePure Biotech provides customers with convenient solutions with customized assemblies incorporating a wide range tubing, bags, filters and connectors. Assembled in ISO Class C cleanroom, the products can be used in many biopharma process steps such as media preparation, aseptic sampling, buffer preparation and storage, drug substance storage, sterile filtration, and drug filing. Ultra clean assemblies finished in a Class A cleanroom are available for final fill or bulk applications.

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Common Accessories

LePure Biotech can design and assemble caustomized assemblings  according to customer requirements. Customers can choose from a wide bank of single-use components. Their function and examples include:

Tubing: Various sizes of thermoplastic and silicone tubing such as Le-Flex  tubing, Liveo pharmaceutical grade silicone tubing, C-Flex tubing, Watson-Marlow, Masterflex and more

Regular Connectors and Adapters: RQC and RQX series (plastic valve), MPC and MPX series (CPC), and many more commonly used connectors to achieve connection from tubing to tubing, tubing to bags, and tubing to filters

Sterile connectors: To ensure sterile connection of single-use tubing, for example, AseptiQuik (CPC) sterile connectors

SIP-sterilizable connectors: To ensure sterile connection of the stainless steel system with single-use components, for example, Steam-Thru, Steam-Thru II (CPC)

Vacuum bottles: 2 L durable vacuum bottles, (vacuum) large bottles with handle and small mouth

Sampling bottles: To achieve multiple aseptic sampling. Example: PharmaTainer™ single-use liquid storage bottles

Filters: To achieve a series of filtration requirements such as single-stage filtration, redundant filtration, and pre-use post-sterilization integrity test (PUPSIT). Customers can choose from various sterile capsule filters produced by LePure or filter products specified by the customer

When not specified by the customer, LePure Biotech single-use products are selected by default

Examples of Application

● Tubing Assembling, used for transfer of various fluids

● Bottle Assembling, used for storage of drug substance or intermediates

● Filter Assembling, used for sterile filtration process

● Multi-bottle or Multi-bag Assembly, used for aseptic sampling or aseptic dispensing

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