LeKrius Single-use Mixing Bag

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LeKrius single-use bioprocess film is specifically developed and manufactured for biopharmaceutical cell cultivation, media preparation, protein solution storage, drug product filling, etc. LeKrius single-use bioprocess film has demonstrated superior performance with high biosafety and low level of extractables. LeKrius single-use bioprocess film can be used for the entire biomanufacturing processes including upstream, downstream, final fill and storage applications.

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LePure Biotech’s LeKrius single-use mixing bag is widely used in the mixing steps of upstream and downstream processes of biopharmaceuticals, such as the buffer and media preparations. With a standard working volume of 100 L to 2000 L, LeKrius single-use mixing bag can meet the requirements of various production scales. LePure offers comprehensive product validation and compliance support to customers. In addition, LePure offers customization on filters, connectors, tubings, which ultimately help customers achieve process flexibility, efficiency and productivity. 

● Advantages
   ✓ Adequate stock of raw materials, films and components to ensure a stable supply chain
   ✓ Suitable for solid-liquid and liquid-liquid mixing in the upstream and downstream processes
   ✓ 100% integrity tested and high-quality standard, reducing the risk of leakage
   ✓ Film material with good physical strength, chemical compatibility and biocompatibility

● Description
   ✓ Specification: 100 L-2000 L
   ✓ Operation temperature: -80 to +60°C
   ✓ Packaging: double-layered individual packaging
   ✓ Sterilization: gamma irradiation sterilization (25-40 kGy)

● Notes
   ✓ LePure Biotech`s LeKrius single-use mixing bag not only fits with LeMagmixer single-use mixing system, but also can be customized, including tubing, bag size and impeller format.

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