LeKrius 2D Storage Bag

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Made of LePure’s LeKriusTM Single Use Biopharma Film, LeKriusTM2D Storage Bag can be used in collocation with various tubing, connections and sterile connectors, etc. LeKriusTM Film is co-extrusion formed, which can effectively avoid the risk of organic matters, with relatively low content of visible particles. LeKriusTM2D Storage Bag is easy to operate, safe, reliable, and customizable. In collocation with design of inlet and outlet tubing, it has multiple preparation solutions and wide application. In the meantime, it has perfect validation document supports.

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Product Description

● Manufacturing Environment
   ✓LeKriusTM 2D Storage Bag is manufactured in Songjiang or Lingang Factory, both factories have obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, and the manufacturing environment can reach dynamic Grade C level. In addition, strict batch release test and 100% leakage test are carried out on the Storage Bag before leaving the factory.

● Product Advantages
   ✓ High physical strength of LeKriusTM Film ensure stable storage and transport of liquids , so it has a low risk of liquid leakage;
   ✓ Extensive chemical compatibility, making it applicable for process liquids to the maximum degree;
   ✓ Validated biocompatibility and stable extractability, ensuring its safe use in all required steps in the whole process;

● Process Applbication
   ✓ Storage and transportation of small-scale buffer and medium
   ✓ Collection of purified components
   ✓ Collection of samples
   ✓ Temporary storage and transport of bulk intermediates
   ✓ Appropriate Liquid-liquid mixing process
   ✓ Harvesting, storage and transport of drug substance
   ✓ Transportation of final products

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