LeKriusTM2D Storage Bag

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LeKriusTM 2.5D Drum Storage Bag, with LeKriusTM Single Use Biopharma Film as the raw material, can be used for storage and transport of various biopharmaceutical liquids.

Standard 2.5D Drum Storage Bags are available in various types and specifications from 38 L to 568 L. The tubes connecting to the bag can be customized.

The bags can independently store buffer and medium, or used with sterile filter, or used with multiple types of round supporting containers.

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● Production Environment
   ✓ LeKriusTM 2.D Storage Bag is produced in LePure’s Songjiang or Lingang Factory, both factories have obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, and the production environment can reach dynamic Grade C level.
    ✓ To guarantee quality of the delivered product, strict batch testing is carried out on the connection and tubing of the bag body, and 100% leakage test is carried out on the bag before leaving the factory.

● Product Advantages  

    ✓ The raw materials are from stable source and have a guaranteed supply chain;
    ✓ High-transparency membrane material, conducive to visual inspection and auxiliary process judgement;
    ✓ Flexible customization of sizes, tubings, connectors and filters, which is applicable to various processes;
    ✓ Thickness, strength, anti-twisting and other performances of membrane material ensure high mechanical strength, good stability and strong reliability;
    ✓ The product has passed various tests, with perfect document supports;

● Process Application  

    ✓Storage and transport of buffer and medium
    ✓Transport of cell harvest
   ✓ Collection of purified components
    ✓Filtration and storage of intermediates
   ✓ Storage and transport of drug substance

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