LeKrius 3D Storage Bag

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Made with LeKriusTM Single Use Biopharma Film, LeKriusTM3D Storage Bag has excellent anti-puncture, anti-twisting and other physical properties. The selected optimal production process parameters ensure the firmness of welding edge of the bag body, and minimize the risk of liquid leakage. The excellent gas barrier property reduces the permeability of CO2 and O2, etc., thus ensuring the quality of the feed liquid. Its excellent chemical compatibility and biological compatibility ensure a wide process application. with highly customizable, LePure’s bag has flexible and diverse configurations with Luer connection, CPC quick connection, AQG sterile connector, Tri-Clamp sanitary connector, etc,  the inlet and outlet tubing,  multiple sampling methods, such as needless sampling, Luer sampling or sampling bag.

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● Production Environment
    ✓ LeKriusTM Storage Bag is manufactures in Songjiang or Lingang Factory, both factories have obtained ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, and the manufacturing environment can reach dynamic Grade C level. In addition, strict batch release test and 100% leakage test are carried out on the LeKrius™3D Storage Bag before leaving the factory in strict accordance with LePure’s quality control standard.

● Product Advantages
   ✓ Excellent physical property, without the risk of liquid leakage
   ✓ Wide operation temperature range: -80℃ to 60℃
   ✓ Low protein adsorption, and low content and few species of extractable matters
   ✓ Wide coverage of specifications from 50 L to 3000 L, etc.
   ✓ Suitable for a variety of square supporting containers

● Process Application
   ✓ Reception and transport of post-filtration buffer and medium
   ✓ Storage and transport of intermediates
   ✓ Storage of public solutions
   ✓ Storage and transport of drug substance

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