LeKriusTM Single Use Bioprocess Film

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Independently formulated and produced by LePure, LeKriusTM Film is a single use film specially used for the biopharmaceutical process, and its main material is LDPE-EVOH-ULDPE. with a thickness of 0.4 mm, The film adopts themulti-layer co-extrusion technology, its tensile strength, heat-sealing strength, anti-puncture and other physical properties have been improved by the continuing improvements. The film has passed complete biosafety certification and perfect validation documents, ensuring a good cell culture performance. LeKrius™ film has a stable supply chain, excellent quality and reliable production capacity.

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● Production Environment
   ✓ LePure’s LeKriusTM Single Use Bioprocess Film is produced in Grade D cleanroom. According to ISO9001 Quality Management System, the whole-process and continuous monitoring of film production and dynamic monitoring of environment are conducted, enabling its production equipment and surrounding air environment to reach dynamic Grade C level. In strict accordance with LePure’s in-house standard, batch release testing of the product is conducted to provide consistent high-quality films.

● Product Advantages
   ✓ Independent formula, high-quality production, and stable supply
   ✓ Optimized film formula, multi-layer co-extrusion technology, safe and reliable
   ✓ Excellent physical properties such as anti-twisting and anti-puncture, ensuing the quality
   ✓ Low extractability and protein adsorption, good chemical compatibility, wide application
   ✓ Applicable temperature range from -80℃ to 60℃, fully meeting the process requirements

● Process Application
   ✓ 2D and 3D fluid storage and preparation
   ✓ Single-use bioreaction bag
   ✓ Sampling bag
   ✓ Filling bag
   ✓ Low-temperature storage and transport, etc.

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