LeMagmixer IT Single-use Magnetic Mixing System

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LePure’s LeMagmixer IT single-use magnetic mixing system is an integral mobile mixing platform, which can provide effective and repeatable single-use mixing for different volumes and different application types. It utilizes market-leading magnetic coupling/suspension stirring technology. In combination with LePure’s 3D mixing bags, it provides ideal solutions for high-efficiency solid/liquid mixing, buffer and medium preparation, and liquid/liquid mixing.

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Product Description

LePure’s magnetic mixing system is design to use single-use mixing bags with volumes from 200 mL to 3000 L to meet the requirements for compounding from R & D to production. The cube design increases turbulence and improves the mixing efficiency. The side window and handhole facilitates 3D mixing bag installation and visual inspection of mixing process. The equipment wiring is carried out internally leading to clean external surface and waterproof connections.

● Advantages
   ✓ Single-use system eliminates the needs for expensive cleaning and validation procedures
   ✓ Powerful magnetic drive and stepper motor
   ✓ Compact structure minimizes footprint and increases facility utilization
   ✓ Ergonomically designed interface height, user-friendly design maximizes security and ease of use
   ✓ On-line sensor monitoring and control makes in-process weighing, pH, conductivity, and temperature control possible
   ✓ Customized hardware and software services are available


● Software Design
Customizable HMI
   ✓ Digital communication mode (different from traditional analog communication mode)
   ✓ Advanced data management designed according to 21 CFR Part 11

● Applications
   ✓ Buffer preparation
   ✓ Media preparation
   ✓ Blending of intermediate products
   ✓ Viral inactivation
   ✓ Preparation of semi-finished products
   ✓ Blending of vaccine adjuvant

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