LeMagmixer IT Single-use Magnetic Mixing System

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LePure’s LeMagmixer IT single-use magnetic mixing system consists of a stainless steel support container and a magnetic drive motor. It is used with disposable mixing bags to achieve uniform mixing of the entire process liquid. The disposable liquid dispensing system is available in two forms: circular and square, and can be configured according to specific needs.


From 200 mL to 3000 L total volume, LePure Biotech can provide customers with the most ideal solution for their disposable liquid dispensing system.

Basic information


Technical Parameters


Functions and Features

»  Modular design for configuration flexibility
»  Magnetic coupling-driven stirring paddle without shaft seal/span>
»  Touch screen interface and improved data integrity
»  Hidden cables for clean surface
»  Option to connect to MES and SCADA systems to achieve centralized control


   Buffer preparation
   Medium preparation
   Mixing of intermediates
   Virus inactivation
  Mixing of vaccine adjuvants

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  • Powerful magnetic drive and servo motor provide strong mixing power

    Unique mixing paddle design facilitates more thorough and even mixing

    User-friendly design maximizes safety and usability

    Advanced data management option enables audit trail and GMP compliant

    Mixing bags maintaining good clarity after gamma irradiation allows for observation of feed liquid conditions

    In-process detection: weighing, pH and conductivity detection, and temperature control enables advanced functions such as dissolved oxygen detection, pH adjustment, and formulation

    Both hardware and software can be customized to suit specific needs of the user







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