LePhinix Single-use Bioreactor

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With the development of biopharmaceutical industry, bioreactors are increasingly used in upstream biopharmaceutical process, including antibodies, vaccines, cells, and gene therapy. LePhinix bioreactors is an advanced single-use bioprocess platform providing upstream process solutions to support process development and scale-up. Its hardware, software, and consumables offer superior performance to meet R & D, pilot-scale, clinical application, and commercial production requirements. LePhinix system can be operated flexibly and controlled precisely. The system is customizable according to the actual process requirements of customers.

Basic information



√ Scale up range of 50 L - 2000 L, and customizable to meet different process requirements.

√ Applicable to CHO, 293, SF-9 and other cell cultivation processes.

√ High performance hardware configuration, modular design, enhanced data security and integrity, and stable system run.

√ Consumables can be customized, such as the single-use bioreactor bags made with proprietary LeKrius single-use biopharm film.

√ Dual databases, three-level authorization, audit trail, and supporting communication with third-party system.

Product Description

● LePhinix Single-use Bioreactor Culture Tank

Specification 50 L 200 L 500 L 1000 L 2000 L
Reactor material Outer 304 stainless steel; inner 316 L stainless steel
Depth 615 mm 680 mm 1150 mm 1350 mm 1485 mm
Width 615 mm 680 mm 1150 mm 1350 mm 1485 mm
High 1960 mm 2235 mm 2515 mm 3050 mm 3530 mm
Footprint 0.38 m2 0.47 m2 1.33 m2 1.85 m2 2.21 m2
Weight 185 kg 355 kg 495 kg 690 kg 880 kg

● LePhinix Single-use Bioreactor Controller

Specification 50 L 200 L 500 L 1000 L 2000 L
Controller material 304 Stainless steel
Length * Width * Height 550 mm * 500 mm * 1480 mm
Occupied area 0.28 m2
Weight 90 kg
LePhinixTM Single-use Bioreactor1
LePhinixTM Single-use Bioreactor2

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