Automatic Aseptic Sealer

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The second generation automatic aseptic sealer is used for aseptic disconnection of thermoplastic tubing in sealing process, including sealing of storage bags, sealing of medium bags, and various sealing processes of single use bioreaction bags, etc.

[Wide application] Aseptic TPE tubing disconnection of feeding bags, sampling bags, and aseptic disconnection of single use storage bags and mixing bags.

[Fast] About 2-3.6 min for sealing of a 1/4″-1″, tube  and about 6 min for sealing of a 11/8″ tube.

[Wide range] Aseptic sealing of tubes with an outer diameter from 1/4″ to 1-3/8″, complete cover of common tubings.

[More intelligent] Three-level operation authorization to keep complete, authentic, reliable and traceable data.

[More convenient] Plug and play, full automation, simple interface, and one-button operation.

[Safe] The second generation sealer has more contact area and high heat-sealing stability, and has passed inspection and pressure test.

Basic information


Product Description


Dimensions (L*W*H)


Size of tube to be sealed


Power supply

Blade specification

Automatic Aseptic sealer


304 stainless steel +ABS+PMMA

OD from 1/4“ to 11/8”


220V 50HZ


LePurseal™ Automatic Aseptic Sealer3
LePurseal™ Automatic Aseptic Sealer2

Aseptic sealing has been more and more frequently used in upstream process and downstream process of biopharmaceuticals, the second generation sealer is safer and more convenient in the operation process due to its application in many aspects and extensive tubing diameters.

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