LestiPro Single-use Automatic Top Mixing System and Liner Bag

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The single-use automatic top mixing system is suitable for liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixing. It proves to be highly efficient and energy-saving. The ergonomic design makes it convenient and quick to use. The real time on-line monitoring function provides means for reliable process control. The modular design allows customization of different impellers, bags, and support containers. In addition, the automatic lifting system can be adjusted for different compounding volumes. This provides flexible solutions for many different biopharmaceutical process applications, including buffer preparation, mixing of intermediates, aseptic mixing of buffer, serum and reagents for cell culture media, and other solutions.

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● Top stirring equipment
   ✓ The 316 L stainless steel impeller is used for mixing. It is easy to install and disassemble.
   ✓ The 304 stainless steel holder provides support and balance for the entire platform during stirring. The I-shaped holder is easy to push and operate and is suitable for various sizes of mixing drums and weighing systems.

Lining bag

● Liner bag
   ✓ The open design facilitates rapid changing to process large volume of materials. It also offers lower cost compared to closed bags
   ✓ The bag material is highly transparent, which facilitates visual inspection of the mixing process
   ✓ Customized bag size, tubing and joints are available. The available volume ranges from 19 L to 568 L

● Supporting container

   Round plastic drum:
       ✓ Round plastic drum with stainless steel transfer base provides an ergonomic operating experience
      ✓ Clean and homogeneous Low-Density polyethylene (LDPE) material can be cleaned with common alcohol disinfectants
      ✓ Smooth inner wall prevents damages to the liner bag
      ✓ Flared design of the flange makes fixation of liner bags an easy task
      ✓ Operation temperature up to 60°C (high temperature steam sterilization prohibited)

  Foldable box:
     ✓ Constructed with rugged and durable Polypropylene (PP) material
     ✓ Foldable box and detachable base are easy to transport when in use
     ✓ Fracture-proof and stackable design allows for easy storage
     ✓ Large container size with a comfortable operating height

LestiProTM Single-use Automatic Top Stirring System and Lining Bag1
LestiProTM Single-use Automatic Top Stirring System and Lining Bag2

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