LeThenea Single-use Freezing Bags

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LeThenea single-use freezing bags have been developed to assist many biopharmaceutical customers in a wide variety of applications. General use of the single-use freezing bags include the freezing/thawing of cell therapy (example: CAR-T, NK, and other various cells), freezing storage for stem cells (example: umbilical cord blood stem cell, adipose-derived stem cells, and bone marrow stem cells). LePure Biotech has developed a brand-new ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)-based tubular film which is 30% lighter comparing to PVC tubular film. LePure's EVA-based film can achieve a higher yield compared to traditional PVC based products due to its excellent mechanical robustness, minimizing the risks of bag leakage and fluid contamination. LeThenea single-use freezing bag is produced in a Grade C & Grade A clean room manufacturing site located in China. Standard specifications and customizable designs are available with high quality assurance and dedicated technical support.

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Product Description

Connecting parts Pipe assembly of freezing tubes (EVA); Luer taper
Port Injection port (2pc); Luer taper (3pc)
Bag material EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate)
Specification 50 mL 250 mL 500 mL 750 mL 1000 mL
Working volume 10~20 mL 30~70 mL 55~100 mL 80~190 mL 125~270 mL
Lowest storage temperature -196 ℃
Bag film thickness 0.360 mm

*Main connecting parts of the LeThenea™ single-use freezing bag can be customized and manufactured based on customer needs.

● Production Environment
    ✓ LeKrius 3D storage bag is manufactured at two factories located in Songjiang and Lingang, both of which have passed ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certification, and the manufacturing environment can reach a dynamic Grade C Cleanroom level. In addition, strict batch release test and 100% leakage test are carried out on the LeKrius 3D Storage Bag before shipment, and strict quality control and standards are applied for all product lines.

● Product Advantages
   ✓ Excellent physical property, minimized risks of liquid leakage
   ✓  Wide operation temperature range: -80 ℃ to 60 ℃
   ✓ Low protein adsorption, low particulate load and clean extractable profiles
   ✓ Wide range of sizes from 50 L to 3000 L
   ✓ Compatible with a wide variety of square supporting containers

● Process Application
   ✓ Storage and transport of process intermediates
   ✓ Collection and transport of post-filtration buffer and medium
   ✓ General storage of liquid solutions
   ✓ Drug substance storage and transport

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