• LeKrius Single-use Mixing Bag

    LeKrius Single-use Mixing Bag

    LeKrius single-use bioprocess film is specifically developed and manufactured for biopharmaceutical cell cultivation, media preparation, protein solution storage, drug product filling, etc. LeKrius single-use bioprocess film has demonstrated superior performance with high biosafety and low level of extractables. LeKrius single-use bioprocess film can be used for the entire biomanufacturing processes including upstream, downstream, final fill and storage applications.

  • LeMagmixer IT Single-use Magnetic Mixing System

    LeMagmixer IT Single-use Magnetic Mixing System

    LePure’s LeMagmixer IT single-use magnetic mixing system is an integral mobile mixing platform, which can provide effective and repeatable single-use mixing for different volumes and different application types. It utilizes market-leading magnetic coupling/suspension stirring technology. In combination with LePure’s 3D mixing bags, it provides ideal solutions for high-efficiency solid/liquid mixing, buffer and medium preparation, and liquid/liquid mixing.

  • LestiPro Single-use Automatic Top Mixing System and Liner Bag

    LestiPro Single-use Automatic Top Mixing System and Liner Bag

    The single-use automatic top mixing system is suitable for liquid-liquid and solid-liquid mixing. It proves to be highly efficient and energy-saving. The ergonomic design makes it convenient and quick to use. The real time on-line monitoring function provides means for reliable process control. The modular design allows customization of different impellers, bags, and support containers. In addition, the automatic lifting system can be adjusted for different compounding volumes. This provides flexible solutions for many different biopharmaceutical process applications, including buffer preparation, mixing of intermediates, aseptic mixing of buffer, serum and reagents for cell culture media, and other solutions.