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LePure Biotech’s stainless steel  accessories can be widely used in fluid management following good manufacturing practices. The accessories are made of 316 L stainless steel (DIN Standard). The surface of the accessories is polished and passivated. These products meet the requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers for Bioprocessing Equipment.

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This product is adaptable to fit various sizes and specifications commonly used in connecting stainless steel and single-use system,and provide related supporting products. It is GMP-compliant and properly designed.

● Barbs - chuck stainless steel connector
   ✓ The standard barb specifications available are 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2 ".
   ✓ The standard chuck specifications available are TC25 and TC50.
   ✓ Various combinations of barb and chuck can be made to meet the specific requirements of the users.

● Stainless steel reducing connector and tee
   ✓ The stainless steel reducing connector can change the tubing size from TC50 to TC25.
   ✓ The stainless steel tee has T-type straight tee of TC50 and TC25, T-type reducing tee of TC50 and TC25.

● Stainless steel clamp
   ✓ The stainless steel clamps are available in three sizes, DN25, DN50 and DN65, which are suitable for standard TC joints to meet a variety of user requirements.

● Stainless steel blind plate
   ✓ The stainless steel blind plates are offered in three sizes, DN25, DN50 and DN65, which are suitable for common chuck joints, clamps, and silicone gaskets.

● Silicone gasket
   ✓ The silicone gaskets are available in five sizes: DN25, DN50, DN65, DN77 and DN91, which are suitable for common chuck joints and blind plates.

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