Storage and Shipping

  • LeKrius 3D Storage Bag

    LeKrius 3D Storage Bag

    Made with LeKriusTM Single Use Biopharma Film, LeKriusTM3D Storage Bag has excellent anti-puncture, anti-twisting and other physical properties. The selected optimal production process parameters ensure the firmness of welding edge of the bag body, and minimize the risk of liquid leakage. The excellent gas barrier property reduces the permeability of CO2 and O2, etc., thus ensuring the quality of the feed liquid. Its excellent chemical compatibility and biological compatibility ensure a wide process application. with highly customizable, LePure’s bag has flexible and diverse configurations with Luer connection, CPC quick connection, AQG sterile connector, Tri-Clamp sanitary connector, etc,  the inlet and outlet tubing,  multiple sampling methods, such as needless sampling, Luer sampling or sampling bag.

  • LeKrius Single Use Bioprocess Film

    LeKrius Single Use Bioprocess Film

    Independently formulated and produced by LePure, LeKriusTM Film is a single use film specially used for the biopharmaceutical process, and its main material is LDPE-EVOH-ULDPE. with a thickness of 0.4 mm, The film adopts themulti-layer co-extrusion technology, its tensile strength, heat-sealing strength, anti-puncture and other physical properties have been improved by the continuing improvements. The film has passed complete biosafety certification and perfect validation documents, ensuring a good cell culture performance. LeKrius™ film has a stable supply chain, excellent quality and reliable production capacity.

  • LeKrius 2D Storage Bag

    LeKrius 2D Storage Bag

    Made of LePure’s LeKriusTM Single Use Biopharma Film, LeKriusTM2D Storage Bag can be used in collocation with various tubing, connections and sterile connectors, etc. LeKriusTM Film is co-extrusion formed, which can effectively avoid the risk of organic matters, with relatively low content of visible particles. LeKriusTM2D Storage Bag is easy to operate, safe, reliable, and customizable. In collocation with design of inlet and outlet tubing, it has multiple preparation solutions and wide application. In the meantime, it has perfect validation document supports.

  • LeKrius 2.5D Storage Bag

    LeKrius 2.5D Storage Bag

    LeKriusTM 2.5D Drum Storage Bag, with LeKriusTM Single Use Biopharma Film as the raw material, can be used for storage and transport of various biopharmaceutical liquids.

    Standard 2.5D Drum Storage Bags are available in various types and specifications from 38 L to 568 L. The tubes connecting to the bag can be customized.

    The bags can independently store buffer and medium, or used with sterile filter, or used with multiple types of round supporting containers.

  • Liquid Transport Tools

    Liquid Transport Tools

    Liquid Transport Tools are designed exclusively for 2D, 2.5D and 3D Storage Bags, and is suitable for different volumes. Supplying plastic tray, foldable square box and supporting base, round plastic bucket and supporting base, and 2D auxiliary operation platform, different specifications of storage bags can realize flexible transfer of buffer, semi-finished product and other solutions, moreover, the transfer process is safe, reliable, time saving and labor saving.